7 Easy hacks to get your dream job online

17 November 2020apna

Searching for a job is a journey in itself and it requires you to remain hopeful, attentive and active along the way. With online job search becoming increasingly popular in the era of internet and social media, we will tell you about 7 smart tips to get your dream job online!

1. Determine what you want clearly

  • Companies you want to work in
  • Industry/domain of choice
  • Role/position you want
  • Expected salary and additional benefits
  • Working terms and conditions
  • Work timings
  • Work location

2. Be Proactive: Upload Your Resume In Advance

Be Proactive: Upload Your Resume In Advance - apna.co blog

Prepare your resume and upload it on the job portals for greater visibility in the recruitment circuit. This will make sure that companies interested in your kind of profile can look at your resume and shortlist you. This proactive approach will increase your chances of getting interview calls faster rather than waiting for days, weeks, and months for an HR to call you and ask you for your resume.

3. Use your social handles to optimize your job hunt

Although we call it Social Media, it is a very powerful medium for your professional needs. You should update your profile, put up a decent profile picture, write keywords from your resume, build connections with recruiters & people from your own field, ask for vacancies, keep a tab on job-related posts & updates and relax your privacy settings so that recruiters can have a look at your profile for the info they are looking for.

4. Ask for help within your network

Ask for help within your network- apna.co blog

Never shy away from asking for help in your career from friends and family. Ask around for relevant job vacancies among your peer group and relatives. They may also give your reference which can be very useful in your job search and connect you to your dream job!

5. Follow the companies you’re interested in

You must follow job updates at the companies that you like or are interested in to pursue the opportunities in your desired line of work. This will make sure that you know about the latest openings and can apply to your preferred job at the earliest. Remember the saying: The early bird takes the worm!

6. Download the smartest job app

Download the smartest job app- apna.co blog

The market is flooded with numerous job apps and most of them are ineffective, tedious, or fake. Choose a smart and reliable job app like the apna app where you will not only find genuine jobs as per your skills, qualifications, experience, interests, and location but also find real professionals and experts to help you grow your career by leaps and bounds.

Choose from lakhs of jobs and call the HR directly to schedule your interview within hours!

7. Follow up and stay active

Applying to jobs at various companies is important to land yourself in the job you want. But following up and building a strong professional image will bring you closer to your dream job and get recruiters closer to your profile. Follow up with the companies where you have already been interviewed. Ask for feedback and learn from your mistakes if you haven’t been successful in your first few attempts. As long as you stay active and positive, your dream job is within your reach.

For stress-free job hunting, explore the apna app. With over 3,00,000+ vacancies in over 65 categories, you can schedule your interview by directly calling the HR. Currently, you can search for jobs in Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Jaipur & Ranchi.

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