5 Things to keep in mind before an Online Interview

31 October 2020apna

In current times, online is the #newnormal. Meetings, catch-ups, even weddings are all happening online owing to the pandemic safety norms. Same is the case in the job arena! With companies and corporates recovering from the recent slowdown, recruiters are on a hiring spree, and most interviews are happening online.

While online interviews are convenient for both parties, some smart tips can help you make the most of this new set up. Follow these tips for online interviews to make a great first impression and increase your chances of getting the job you desire!

1. Data connectivity

Data connectivity- apna.co blog

You must ensure an uninterrupted connection with high-speed internet for an online interview. Connectivity issues may disrupt the interview and even irritate the interviewer if the communication during the online interview is not smooth.

2. Keep your phone on silent mode

Keep your phone on silent mode- apna.co blog

A ringing phone during an online interview can be very distracting. So, remember to keep your phone on silent mode at the start of your interview to prevent calls and notification sounds during your interview. Keep yourself focused on your interview, not on your phone during the online session.  

3. Professional look & set-up

Professional look & set-up - apna.co blog

An online interview is much like a personal face-to-face interview as far as dressing is concerned. Hence, you should be as formally dressed as you would for any personal interview. Groom yourself to look presentable. Find a proper, well-lit place to keep the device (laptop/phone) and be seated with a clean & tidy background. Always remember that this is your first visual impression on the interviewer.  

4. Keep some pen and paper handy

Keep some pen and paper handy- apna.co blog

Sometimes you may be asked questions that require quick calculations. So you must keep basic stationeries like pen and paper handy. During the course of the interview, you may need a few sips of water to clear your throat and calm your nerves. So, have a glass of water nearby too. Avoid getting up during the interview and try not to disrupt the session in any way.

5. Smile, listen & look confident

Smile, listen & look confident- apna.co blog

Remember that your expressions and body language are very important to gauge your personality and eligibility. All employers prefer smart, confident, and skilful candidates for their company. So you should look confident, carry a smile on your face and listen to the interviewer patiently before jumping in to answer. Remain calm and attentive. Be alert about your facial expressions, hand and body movement, since your body language says a lot about your state of mind.

Following these tips for online interviews can ease your online interview process.

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