5 Best TV Series to inspire you for Entrepreneurship

07 November 2020apna

Are you bored doing the same set of things every day? If you want to start something of your own, you need an innovative spirit and some inspiration for entrepreneurship. Running your own business can be a fantastic feeling, but the path is not a cake walk. A lot of dedication, sweat, hard work and perseverance go into becoming a successful entrepreneur. The following saying by Thomas Edison rings true for every new entrepreneur - “Genius is 1 percent inspiration, and 99 percent perspiration.”

To get you working hard, here is some serious dose of inspiration. Presenting 5 interesting TV series to inspire and motivate the entrepreneur in you:

1.Silicon Valley (2014)

Silicon Valley is an American comedy TV series which revolves around five young men who launch a startup. It shows the struggles and hurdles that these men go through while establishing their firms. It is one of the best series to take lessons of leadership ideas, management, negotiation skills, professional network and trustworthy mentor. Douglas Crockford once remarked about this show “the best show ever made about programming”.

2. TVF Pitchers (2015)

This show became a pioneer in Indian comedy series and soon became a hit among youth from all walks of life. It shows 4 men who leave their regular corporate jobs to become full time entrepreneurs and what obstacles they face in their startup journey. It shows the role of dedication, cost & budget planning, convincing skills and team work to start a business. It is referred as one of the best motivational series in Hindi for a budding entrepreneur.

3. How I made my Millions (2011)

It’s CNBC Original, a must watch web series for entrepreneurs. It shows how the biggest businessmen and women took up small ideas and turned them into extraordinary businesses with a lot of hard work, risks, smartness and a bit of luck. This series is best to learn that if you have the idea and the willpower, you can make things happen, irrespective of the obstacles in your way.

4. Made in Heaven (2019)

This series is considered as the best Indian TV series by a few critics. The story is of 2 business partners who own a wedding planning company. With each wedding that they organize, you learn something new. You get to know about how they manage everything from scratch, the amazing professionalism, power of communication skills, role of investors, etc.    

5. TVF Cubicles (2019)

TVF Cubicles is the story of a young, motivated computer engineer, who recently graduated and got selected for an IT job, for which he has been preparing himself for a long time. It shows how you can rejoice small joys of life, the role of a boss who may be strict but kind to you and transition from a learner & over-enthusiastic young man to a practical & discreet person.

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