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Finding new job during and post-pandemic time won't be that difficult if you are ready to put some extra efforts in searching jobs and networking.

apna20 July

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Hobbies are not just timepass but much more, specially when you are working and seek a healthy work-life. Read more to know why hobbies are important for you.

apna27 November

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A resume is the first thing which introduces you to the recruiter. Learn the top 5 tips to build an impressive resume & get shortlisted.

apna26 November

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Job milna ab hua aasaan aur fast-apna app se! Jaaniye kese aap is app se jaldi job dhundh sakte hain aur professionally grow kar sakte hain through 5 steps.

apna21 November

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When you are asked about your salary expectation during an interview, the answer should be given smartly in a professional manner. Learn more..

apna19 November

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Searching a job online is a common practice, which can be fruitful if you do it smartly. Read more to know 7 hacks to help you find your dream job...

apna17 November

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TV series are the most common source of entertainment these days. Know more here about the best 5 TV series to spark your entrepreneurship skills.

apna07 November

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Do you wonder how to answer this one of the most common questions in an interview? Read here to know how you can prepare for it easily and get selected...

apna05 November

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Work is a significant part of our life. But you should know when it starts taking a toll on your personal life and health. Maintain a work-life balance.

apna31 October